Success, How do you Define It?

by Neil on October 20, 2008

What is success anyway? How do we define it, what does it mean? Is it tangible, is it fame? If it’s a destination or a goal and if so, how do we get there? defines Success as:

“the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors”

At Be 4 Success we don’t view success as the termination of a path. Rather we look at success under the lense of the following foundations: Financial, Personal, Physical, and Spiritual. In life there is only one destination, and the goal is to live a life worth living, to be happy, prosperous, and balanced. To accomplish this we aim for many smaller successes to aid us on our life path.

Financial Success

At Be 4 Success we don’t equate financial success with becoming rich. There isn’t anything wrong with that as a goal and it may well be your goal. However, we’re concerning ourselves with the journey here, not the destination. Therefore, we look at the elements that make up financial success, the disciplines that are required to reach Financial Success. These include debt management, budgetting, saving, and investing. Taking ownership of these disciplines will allow you to launch your Financial Success, laying one of the four foundations to overall Success!

Personal Success

Are you afraid of public speaking? Do you find yourself being rulled by stress? At Be 4 Success we look at small items and tools that can be used to overcome these obstacles, allowing us to grow as individuals. If we take ownership of our lives then we will learn to be successful!

Physical Success

Out of shape, tired all the time? Our bodies and our health are the one thing we have from birth until death. We owe it to ourselves to maintain healthy lifestyles. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy good food and good times. However, we need to ensure we are jeapordizing our future health. At Be 4 Success we look at simple ways we can increase our exercise and also how we can maintian a healthy balanced diet.

Spiritual Growth

We all have questions about our purpose in life. Why we were placed here. In fact the question why, might be the most often asked by humanity. At Be 4 Success we look at spiritual growth from a Christian perspective. In fact this perspective governs everything about what is said here. Without this central, grounding principle the rest is meaningless.

The Total Package

By combing these four foundations we work towards a greater success. The goal is live healthier, happier complete lives. Small steps taken in each of these four disciplines guides us towards that success in our lives.

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