Diet Time

by Neil on November 5, 2008

Since the birth of my son my diet has suffered. It’s been far too easy for my wife and I to eat quick meals that come out of a box. Now, I know that these foods aren’t good for me and that they don’t provide the energy required to live to my full potential. They’ve just been the easy choice. There isn’t much involved in making them and clean up is a snap. Unfortunately, the pounds have been packing on and not in a good way. My wife and I had a chat the other day and we both decided that it was time for a change.

We’ve decided to cut out the crap and to begin making healthier choices. We know the difference, we just to take the time to make them. Listed below are some of the things we’ll be doing to assist us on the way:

  1. Take it slow. If we make a radical shift in our diet over night we’re more likely to fail than succeed. As a result we’ve decided to take is slow and tackle the shift to healthier choices over several weeks. Week 1 will consist of eliminating the junk from our diet. No more pop, chips, etc. The second week will have us eating 5 smaller meals, rather than 3 large ones. We’ll still do breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two small, healthy snacks tossed in.
  2. We’ll still finish off the ‘boxed’ food we have. However, we won’t be replacing it. Waste not want not is the old adage, so we’ll finish what we have, but that doesn’t mean we need to replace it.
  3. Begin to purchase lean meats, brown rice and fresh vegetables. Using these items to create simple, easy to create meals.
  4. Take the time to eat right. By doing this we’ll increase our energy levels, feel better about ourselves and therefore do more than just sit watching TV night after night.

What tips do you have in terms of eating properly and controlling the urges to eat those unhealthy, but ever so tasty foods?

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