Shed The Fat

by Neil on November 12, 2008

I finally bit the bullet and started exercising. Since my son was born I’ve been living for him, which is how it should be. However, my own health has been suffering due to my eating habits going down the drain. Gone were healthy balanced meals and in was anything that came out of a box with zero prep. The effects were damning. My weight went up and my suits got tight. With a newborn in the house the prospect of buying new suits is not appealing. Nor is it in the budget.

The response then is to begin eating properly and to start exercising again! Last week began with a gradual shift towards healthier eating. You can read about that here. This week I began exercising. Right now I’m just using some old DVDs that I found around the house.

What I’m really looking for is a solid workout routine. Something that is simple, doesn’t require a large investment in equipment and can be modified. Sounds like a tall order, but I’m sure I’ll be able to track something down.

The other component I’m looking for is a good nutrition or eating plan. My thought is that 80% of fat loss is directly related to diet. I’m already working towards eating healthier, but I’m not a professional in this area so any expert advice I can find is useful.

Finally, if this is going to be successful I need goals. Without something to measure my progress against I won’t know how successful the program has been.

  1. Shed my belly fat. I’ve been carrying around this spare tire for too long and it’s finally time for it to go.
  2. Drop 20 lbs in weight, the healthy way.
  3. Commit to exercising everyday.

How do I plan to reach these goals?

  1. Start small. While I’ll be exercising daily, the intensity level will be low in the beginning. This will allow me to break into the routine and allow my body to adjust.
  2. Consistency. I just need to keep at it.
  3. Spousal motivation! This is my favourite part, my wife is on board. We’re going to be working out together. What’s better is I’ve shared my goals with her and she has promised to support me in achieving them.
  4. Consistency.
  5. Continue to eat healthy, eliminating the crap from my diet. I was fairly good last week, but fell off at the end. I need to stay strong and push past the cravings.
  6. I need to remember that I’m not happy with my current physical condition. I’m out of shape and if i carry on down the path I’m on I’ll be at risk of heart disease and who knows what else. Not the future I want for myself.
  7. I have a vision in mind of what kind of physical condition I’d like to be in.

Keeping these last two goals in mind will help to keep motivated and on track. I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any exercise tips or programs let me know.

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cave2626 11.12.08 at 3:09 pm

I’m not an expert in these areas either, as you well know. But I’ve found that cutting out all the bad things just leads to cheating and then disappointment. Junk foods, like many other vices, aren’t all bad as long as you only eat them in moderation. So my recommendation is to eat healthy six days a week and then on the seventh day treat yourself to a reasonable size snack.

My personal weakness is a bag of potato chips Sunday night when I’m socializing with my friends. I just have to learn not to eat the entire bag.

The occasional bad snack, combined with an otherwise decent diet and exercise, will keep you happier and let you focus on your long term goals. Good luck!

Friar 11.15.08 at 11:47 am

I’m constantly battling my weight, too.

But I have to laugh at that old fitness record. Look, they got a THREE YEAR OLD on the cover!

Yes, that’s EXACTLY what toddlers want to do! Put on tights and do boring floor-exercises with the grown-ups! 😀

(As opposed to running around and screaming with their friends, riding their trikes, or playing barbie!)

Neil 11.15.08 at 12:50 pm

Friar -> That image just jumped out at me. I think it shows how views towards fitness have changed over the years. I agree with you on the three year old, what were they thinking!

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