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by Neil on December 4, 2008

Father and son
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In the words of Brett from 6 Weeks “fail early, fail often”. That’s been the story for me these past weeks when it comes to exercise.

Now in all fairness I believe that Brett advocates learning from those mistakes. While I am in favour of that idea, I just haven’t been able to put it into practise. I just can’t get back on that horse.

It’s the most bizarre thing! I have a desire to be in better shape, I don’t want to be an tired old man when my son is ready to play ball. So I think it’s time to change things, yet I haven’t been able to put that motivation into practice. I don’t want to be a heart attack waiting to happen when I’m 50, yet I do nothing.

Now understand that I don’t eat poorly, my diet is fairly balanced. I have a weakness for snack food, but I try to limit myself. I’m also not in bad shape, I know people who are worse. However, I don’t want to slide down this slope. I fear that if I keep going things will only get worse and then it will be a truly monumental battle to fix.

I realize all of these things, yet I have done nothing.

As I write this I wonder, what type of a kick in the pants do I need?

I know what is required, I know how to eat healthy, what exercise to do. I don’t need to read a book to learn ‘how’. I know how.

I also know why I want these things, I’ve outlined it above.

I have come to the realization that I know where I want to be, I know what is required to get there. I have a road map if you will. What I need to do is break it down. I need to get very specific regarding the process.

What I need to do is set tiny goals. On his blog Brett lists his weekly objectives, one of them is “Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! daily”. He’s created a list. That’s what I need to do, create a list combined with small daily goals.

This takes me back to my post the other week on SMART Goal Setting. I need to create specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time sensitive goals regarding exercise.

So here they are:

  • Specific: I will be working out to Tony Horton’s Power Half Hour. I already own it so there is no capital to be spent.
  • Measurable: I have some weight to loose, I’ll monitor this on a weekly basis (no I’m not sharing the numbers, at least not at this point).
  • Achievable: I’ve experimented with this workout series in the past, I know it’s on a level I can handle.
  • Realistic: Working out 5 or 6 times a week for 30 minutes each is realistic.
  • Time: Thirty minutes a day, 5 or 6 times a week. I will continue this for a 3 month period and then I will review my progress to make adjustments.

This is achievable. With some perseverance I will succeed.

I may fail on occasion with exercise, but I hope that I am done with failing often.

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01.16.09 at 11:56 am


Brett Legree 12.04.08 at 7:24 pm

Hi Neil,

This is great – you’re going to do this, you know – you’ve got a great plan and you will succeed.

(Thanks for the ping by the way)

You *are* finished with failing often. That’s the other part of mantra that is sort of unspoken – “fail early, fail often – right at the beginning – get that stuff out of the way – and then you succeed – you win”.

It is simply amazing once you get into the habit of doing this and you will experience the same thing I have.

Last night I felt super lazy and tired. My eyelids were heavy around 10:30 – but I couldn’t let myself down. I couldn’t let my wife down, or my kids, my friends, everyone out here.

So I picked up my kettle bells and hit them *really hard*. After 30 seconds I was wide awake and it felt great.

Then I slept like a rock!

You’re going to do this, my friend.


Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – fate of norns.

Larry Bargers 12.04.08 at 8:13 pm

Great! Sometimes the hardest part is making a set of goals and sticking to them.

I have achieved success through a similar routine, and now I am truely happy with my physique, my energy levels and my sex life is amazing.

Good luck to you my friend! Keep us informed of your progress.

Larry Bargers’s last blog post..Mustang Enthusiasts Website Shifts Into Gear

Neil 12.05.08 at 10:43 am

Brett -> Thanks for the support. No problem on the ping.

Larry -> Thanks for the encouragment.

Friar 12.06.08 at 12:50 am


Yes, but I DO tend to get sleepy, after you leave at 11:30 PM, and we’d been drinking beerz all evening.

Friar’s last blog post..Happy Blog Day To Meeeeee.

Carrie 01.21.09 at 3:58 pm

This is great goal setting for exercising! My reasons for exercising are to be fit & healthy so I can live a long happy life and so that my husband never loses interest in me! I believe that just because I’m married doesn’t mean I should let my body and looks go stray. I think I work harder now than I did before to look good for my husband. It definately keeps the spark alive! Best of luck to you on your exercise goals! Stay Fit…Stay Happy!

Carrie’s last blog post..Retiring Scents to make room for new 2009 Scents!

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