Finding The Time To Exercise: Adaptation

by Neil on January 15, 2009

Recently I wrote about The Reasons To Exercise. Today, I want to approach the topic of finding the time to exercise.

I have a 5 month old son and recently he’s decided that sleeping through the night is not something he wants to do. This has left me challenged about when to sneak in some time to exercise.

The funny part of it all, the reason exercise is so important to me is my son. I want to be healthy and be able to play with him as he grows. Yet, at this point in life he is one of the toughest obstacles blocking my ability to exercise.

What to do?

Well first, the gym is out of the question. I don’t have the money or the time to travel and invest in that type of a workout.

This leaves me with working out at home. I discovered a great workout at Men’s Health that can be done from home. The routine is simple enough and I have all the equipment required to perform it.

However, I still have my initial challenge and that is time.

Time is without a doubt our most precious commodity and my son and job require the prime hours in the day. When he’s in bed, I’m exhausted and a workout is not what I want to do.

So I have decided to adapt.

That’s right, I’m taking control of my destiny. Rather than struggle to maintain a routine around which I can exercise, I’m going to use my son’s routine to my advantage.

My son loves the Jolly Jumper. Normally, I use this as 30 – 45 minutes where I can take care of some odds and ends. What I’ve realized is that my son is exercising in the Jolly Jumper and I should too.

He loves it when we interact and bounce around while he’s jumping. So that’s what I’m going to do. For the 30 – 45 minutes he is in the Jolly Jumper I will be doing the following:

  1. Crunches and other Ab exercises
  2. Jumping up as high as I can
  3. Heisman’s (more jumping)
  4. 180’s (yet more jumping)
  5. Prisoner Squats
  6. Forward Lunges

In addition to this working my muscles, much of these exercises are aerobic especially when done as a circuit. This will allow me to gain a cardio workout as well. The other advantage is that many of these exercises focus on the large leg muscles which demand more energy, aka more fat burning.

Finally when the little guy is done jumping I begin my arm workout.

  1. First I do shoulder raises with him
  2. Then bicep curls
  3. Finally push-ups

Rinse and repeat and my workout is done. My son will have had the joy of dad bouncing around making goofy faces. I’ll have found a new way to bond with him and will be getting the exercise I desire as well.

Of course, I need to keep up with him.

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Tess 01.15.09 at 1:55 pm

Great idea and I love the fact that you do shoulder raises with you son. How creative! 01.21.09 at 2:13 am

Great post. Over the years I’ve done all I could to tie my activities to time with my kids. They’re grateful for the attention and you get what’s necessary done too.’s last blog post..Please Tip Your Pizza Delivery Driver, They’re Unsung HEROES of the Pizza Industry

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