Let Jason Slash Your Valentine’s Budget

by Neil on February 13, 2009

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s the mushy feel good, buy stuff for that other person in your life holiday. Let’s be honest though, it’s expensive. I mean it can be really expensive; dinner, a show, a bottle of wine, that nice ring I keep seeing advertised.

Given the economic times it makes sense be a little bit more frugal this Valentine’s day. As today is Friday the thirteenth I decided to pull out Jason’s top 13 ways to slash your Valentine’s budget.

  1. Do nothing. Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, designed to get you to spend money. Rebel against the system and show what an individual you are. If your significant other doesn’t kill you, Jason will.
  2. Do the card thing. Jason isn’t normally into the mushy aspects of things, but if you need to spend some money, spend it on a card. Just write something nice inside or Jason will track you down.
  3. A home cooked meal. Rather than going out and dropping some significant money on an overpriced meal, show how much you love (or hate if you’re a bad cook) that special person by preparing a meal for them. If the meal is good they just might do the dishes for you. Jason likes spaghetti and meatballs, extra sauce please.
  4. Set a limit on your spending. If you must buy a gift, pick a reasonable dollar figure to spend. Doing so encourages creativity in your gift giving. Jason needs a whetstone.
  5. Go for a romantic walk in the park. Nothing says I love you like holding hands while walking through a misty park just after sunset. Did you hear something?
  6. Make a gift from scratch. Again if you must give or are expected to give a gift, why not be creative and make something yourself, perhaps a mix tape.
  7. Rather than spending money on Valentine’s day, why not plan a vacation later in the year. Then use the money you would have spent on Valentine’s for the trip. Jason knows of some cabins that are for rent.
  8. Rather than giving a gift, make a donation to a charity on each other’s behalf. When times are tough charities often suffer from a lack of funding. Jason recommends you donate blood.
  9. Jason recommends you read Neil’s article on 25 Affordable Dates.
  10. Be social and invite another couple over for the evening. Break out some board games and have some fun. Just don’t invite your single friends, that makes Jason angry.
  11. Rather than spend money on one another buy a gift that you can both use. Perhaps something around the house needs fixed. It might not be romantic, but it is practical. Jason’s a fan of practical things.
  12. Visit the museum or the art gallery. They are usually low cost and it’s a great way to kill a few hours.
  13. Rent a scary movie and cuddle. Nothing more romantic than that. Jason recommends…

Do you have any idea’s on how to make Valentine’s Day an affordable occasion? Please share, Jason likes it when the other children share.

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Edmund 02.13.09 at 1:40 pm

I vote for 6. Make a gift from scratch. What happened to those days of old when we were in grade school and we could make those cheesy construction paper hearts decorated with doilies. Look out Christine! This is going to be a super special Valentines’ day.

Pillownaut 02.27.09 at 8:33 pm

LOL, very good advice… and practical things CAN definitely be romantic 🙂

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Darvin @ Valentine's Gifts for Men 01.19.10 at 2:48 pm

This is an excellent list of budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas. It’s once again about that time, so I’m glad I found your site! Also, I agree, with most of the suggestion you have given, especially those which involve spending time with your mate. Valentine’s Day is afterall about love and romance. Often, simply spending time is much more romantic that any single gift!
.-= Darvin @ Valentine’s Gifts for Men´s last blog ..Gift Ideas for Men for Valentines Day =-.

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