Money Monday’s

by Neil on February 23, 2009

How do you make money? When this blog was first started I thought it would be an interesting way to earn some passive income. Over that last couple of months I’ve learned that I was sorely mistaken in this thought.

Now fortunately for me I had other intentions other than earning revenue from Be 4 Success when I launched it. The blog is my digital resume, full of my thoughts and rants on the subjects that matter most to me.

However, it does raise the question of where does your money come from? How do you make money?

Nothing would please me more than for my blog to make it to the big time. Allowing me to work at home deriving my income from Be 4 Success. I realize that this dream is a long way from becoming a reality and indeed may never become a reality. I’m ok with that, as the blog still serves a purpose beyond making money. Which is good, because Be 4 Success doesn’t really make any money at all.

Now I know that I can change that. I can implement a marketing plan that could see Be 4 Success become a dominant blog within the personal finance and growth niche. It is entirely possible.

Yes, Be 4 Success is in a popular niche with lots of competition. However, I believe there are ways to differentiate myself from the competition. Do I plan to follow this course of action?

Absolutely. Be 4 Success is about living a more successful life, on all levels. Personally, professionally, financially, this blog exists to provide sound advice towards living a more successful life.

I digress, I started this post out by asking How do you make money?

For most of us we make money by working 9-5 for the man, that faceless corporation that pays us our daily wage. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. The vast majority of people earn their living this way. But what if you could change that? What if you could take hold of your own financial destiny and earn a living on your own terms?

Would you take the opportunity?

I would, assuming the opportunity appealed to me. Which gets me back to writing at Be 4 Success. I enjoy it. It’s a constant challenge to improve myself and share with others. If one day Be 4 Success got to that level of providing for me, I believe I would embrace it and take the opportunity.

What about you? What opportunity are you waiting for?

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