Weekly Resolutions

by Neil on February 11, 2009

2009 is well underway and it’s around this point that people fail with their New Year’s Resolutions. This can lead to depression, disappointment, and stress. Some generally unpleasant emotions. So what can you do to improve things?

The key to successfully keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is easier than you think. I’ve written before about SMART Goalsetting and I have written about Why Your Resolutions Will Fail. Today I’d like to help ensure you succeed with your goals.

The strategy is really, really simple. In fact do you remember the old slogan K.I.S.S? Keep It Simple Stupid, that’s what you need to do. There is nothing wrong with having large year long goals, however it’s easy to loose focus this way. It helps to break the large goal down into smaller tasks. It helps with getting things done.

The key to accomplishing your resolutions and ensuring your goals are met is to plan weekly. Every Monday morning set your goals for the week. Rinse and repeat every week. By breaking down the larger goal this way you increase your chances of success. The New Year’s Resolution that you make now has a higher chance of success.

If your goal is weight loss, pick a target amount of pounds you want to shed each week. If the goal is increased productivity creating weekly targets will assist with keeping you on track.

As you consider what you want to accomplish on life, break the target down to weekly, manageable units.

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