Your Retirement Horizon

by Neil on February 20, 2009

What is your retirement horizon? When is retirement for you? I read an article today that talked about these issues, which you can find here.

The article focuses on retirement and raises some valuable points. Key amongst them are that there are still a great deal of companies that have value. As I mentioned previously there is a great deal of value in the market which can be bought for a bargain right now.

One of the other points mentioned in the article is that Canadian bank stocks are paying an average dividend of 7 percent. Given the current pricing of such stock it makes an attractive purchase at this point in time.

Retirement strategy is all about buying and holding your portfolio. Ensuring that you have good diversification between assets and geographic regions. Stick with your strategy, remember why you developed it in the first place.

If you aren’t currently in the market and are waiting for the stimulus plan to kick start the recovery, my advice would be to slowly starting buying back in. As the article mentions, if you wait on the sidelines until things start to happen you could miss out on the first 10 – 20 percent increase.

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vinay 02.23.09 at 12:02 am

I will retire when I achieve my goals of being a successful entrepreneur. If you think carefully you never retire until you die, you are doing some work or the other every day even after you retire from work.

Loans Modification 02.23.09 at 12:48 am

Wow great article…thanks for sharing this.. I will also share this to my aunt who is also scheduled to retire next year.

loan modification 07.18.09 at 3:53 am

I have to talk to my father in order for the possible soon one to retire.
He may be lucky yes.
He may have luck materially.

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