14 Financial Predictions For 2009

by Neil on January 5, 2009

The New Year is upon us and it was great to see the major North American Stock Exchanges have positive returns on the first day of trading. Perhaps a sign of things to come.

As it is a New Year there are resolutions and predictions to be made. While I normally stay away from these things I thought it would be fun to put together a list of Financial Predictions. Should you follow the intention of these Predictions you will find yourself in a better financial situation at years end than you started! That is my prediction.

Without further delay here are Be 4 Success’s 2009 Financial Predictions!

  1. I predict that if you contribute a minimum of $100 to your retirement fund every time you get paid that you will be one step closer to retiring as a millionaire.
  2. I predict that if you open a high interest savings account for use as an emergency fund and contribute $50 every time you get paid you will take the financial stress out of your life when dealing or considering emergency expenses. Aim to save 3 to 6 months worth of income.
  3. I predict that if you put your year end bonus into the emergency account mentioned above you will remove that stress much quicker.
  4. I predict that if you establish a second high interest savings account for the purpose of vacations and contribute $50 to it each pay day you will vacation more often and more enjoyably.
  5. I predict that if you eliminate you $5 a day coffee habit and contribute that money to any of the accounts listed above you will enjoy life much more.
  6. I predict that if you create, maintain and review a financial plan you will come out ahead of those who don’t.
  7. I predict that if you invest your money in a well diversified stock or mutual fund portfolio on a regular basis you will survive downturns in the market far better than those who don’t.
  8. I predict that if you resist the urge to sell your investments when you’ve already lost money and instead stick to your financial plan you will come out ahead of those who don’t.
  9. I predict that if you stop living off credit you will reduce your worry over paying bills, and will be better off financially.
  10. I predict that if you review your needs and wants you will discover that you can do more with less. This will allow you to eliminate your wants and you will be better off financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
  11. I predict that if you finally stop keeping up with the Jones’ you will be better off financially and will wonder why you ever bothered in the first place.
  12. I predict that if you live life frugally buying quality when required rather than purchasing crap consistently you will be better off.
  13. I predict that when vacationing with the family if you choose camping over Disney you will be rewarded with more money in the bank and a greater bonding experience with your family.
  14. I predict that if you follow these predictions you will live a happier and financially successful 2009.

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Tess 01.06.09 at 6:16 pm

I think your predictions are right on! No. 8 was difficult for me to do this year but my husband (an accountant) would have nothing to do with it.

I think he’d agree with all of your predictions. Well written and timely stuff.

Tess’s last blog post..26 Ways to Love Life

Brett Legree 01.07.09 at 7:35 pm

Hi Neil,

I just wanted to say “good job” on this blog post – really.

Not only is this very helpful for someone who doesn’t know what to do or doesn’t believe in the power of savings and compound interest, but…


Everyone else seems to write about how to maximize traffic to your blog or how to self-improve (hey, I’m guilty of that…) and you’ve done something completely different.

Different, original, useful.

*That’s* why I like your blog. I hope more people find it and I intend to spread the word.


Brett Legree’s last blog post..week 6 – final exam.

Neil 01.08.09 at 11:59 am

Tess: Number 8 is one of the toughest choices people make, especially about their investments. Just ask the question when in life would you sell low and buy high? Why do it with your investments?

Brett: Thanks for the words of encouragement. Posting on Be 4 Success has been less frequent, but I hope to put out better quality posts less frequently. As I noted in a past post there is a lot of crap out there, and I don’t want to be in that pile. Less is often more and that’s what I hope to deliver.

Brett Legree 01.08.09 at 12:03 pm


Quality over quantity will serve you well, so stick to that. You’re definitely not in the crap pile.

What I’ve noticed about some of the A-list bloggers (not all, but some) is that after you’ve read them for 6 months, it all blends together. The latest post is a rehash or a twist on one from last month, inspired by a post by some other A-list blogger.

You’re not doing that, which is good.


Brett Legree’s last blog post..week 6 – final exam.

Gaming Fresh 03.24.10 at 6:13 am

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